RiverDogs fans grab for Obama over McCain

Image by 4President.usImage by 20080809bobblection.jpg Whether the fans actually liked Obama more or just wanted to use it as a voodoo doll wasn't clear.

On Friday night the first 1,000 fans into the RiverDogs game got a chance to have their voice heard in the second Presidential Bobblection.

If you're guessing the vote was tallied by seeing which bobble head people grabbed up first, you'd of guessed correctly.

The event is being held in six cities that have teams also owned by the RiverDogs owner, the Goldklang Group. With Friday's results the McCain bobble head has had a poor showing, loosing all three that have occurred:

Wednesday (August 6): Hudson Valley; Obama 750 - McCain 719
Thursday (August 7): Brockton; Obama with 52.3% of the votes
Friday (August 8): Charleston; Obama 500 - McCain 360
Saturday (August 9): Saint Paul (Minnesota)
Sunday (August 10): Sioux Falls (South Dakota)
Monday (August 11): Fort Myers (Florida)
(results were tallied until one bobble head ran out)

A press release from the RiverDogs went on to state:
In 2004 the promotion correctly predicted the outcome of the election as George W. Bush won in four of the seven participating ballparks with the closest race being in St. Paul (MN) when Democratic nominee John Kerry won by a mere 18 bobbleheads.

“We were somewhat surprised that Obama captured the victory by such a large margin since South Carolina has typically been a red state,” said Assistant General Manager Jim Pfander. “I thought that everyone was into the promotion and had the right frame of mind. Everyone had fun with it, which was our primary intention.”

If you're curious, go see images of the 2004 bobble heads of Kerry and Bush.

Update August 10: ABC News 4 has some video of the bobblelection.