Race for the 7th: Bauer leading in polls (update: Wilkes drops out, endorses Bauer)

Photo Courtesy: MySpace
Bauer being sworn in as LT. Governor, photo taken from his abandoned MySpace.com page.

Update at the bottom:

According to FITS News, former Lieutenant Governor, Andre Bauer is leading internal polls that were recently conducted. 

Bauer, one of a dozen or so candidates for the newly christened SC 7th district is polling at 25% of the vote. Former Horry County Council member and former South Carolina Department of Parks Director, Chad Prosser, along with Chairman at Horry the County Council, Tom Rice are tied for second at 15%. 

Bauer might have a bit of a struggle however, as FITS reports,

"Bauer’s best favorability rating in any of the polls we saw was 38 percent. Meanwhile, Bauer’s lowest unfavorable rating was also 38 percent – meaning voters have already made up their mind about him."

FITS News goes on a bit more about more of Bauer's troubles with voters, you can read that here.

Additionally, FITS News reported on March 16th that South Carolina Tea Party darling Mande Wilkes may be dropping out of the race soon and endorsing a fellow candidate. As of today there is no word from Ms. Wilkes regarding her departure from the 7th district race. 

Update March 27th, 2012: Mande Wilkes has made it offical and dropped out of the race for the 7th. Wilkes, who was a candidate in name only as she never filed any paperwork with the FCC. 

Full statement below:

 Listening each day to Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s syndicated radio program on my commute to law school, I learned that the personal is indeed political – and that family comes first. That’s why my husband and I, blessed to be expecting our first child this summer, have decided that I must withdraw from the 7th District Congressional race.

The decision rested ultimately on whether there was a suitably conservative alternative in the field – a candidate who shares my commitment to fiscal restraint, individual liberty, and limited government. It is therefore with excitement that I offer an enthusiastic endorsement of Andre Bauer for U.S. Congress.

I’m confident that Mr. Bauer will, as he promises, get America working again. At the time of this writing, in fact, Mr. Bauer is in the nation’s capital fighting for the repeal of socialized health care and the return to free market ideals.

I’m withdrawing from the race, but I’m not withdrawing from that fight. I look forward to campaigning on behalf of Mr. Bauer so that the people of the 7th District can send to Washington a proven and committed capitalist conservative.