In six stories: Summing up Gov. Mark Sanford's years and legacy

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In one month, Nikki Haley is set to take office as South Carolina's governor on January 12, 2011. And The State has taken the chance to look back and profile 50-year-old Mark Sanford's eight years in office.

In all Sanford comes off as a man who wishes he could have done a lot more, but ready to defend the overall outcome of his two terms as one that was successful and sets the stage for more success by the incoming Nikki Haley. 

The paper offers (in orders of interestingness):

A general introduction and chat with Sanford about his legacy;

Sanford's thoughts on his battles;

- A "Report card" by the paper's staff that rates his tenure on the poor side;

Q&A with Sanford about his contentious approach with the Legislature;

photo gallery of a "day in the life" of Sanford;

chat with Sanford about his political relationship with Haley;

Q&A with Sanford about what he's going to do next; and

collection of five quotes from various vantage points on Sanford's career

Enjoy. Oh, and I'm pretty sure we can expect something similar from The Post and Courier - we'll report back and let you know what's good.


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