The people party, but Morris Island gets trashed (updated)

Image by Dr. Elizabeth WennerImage by DSC_1299.jpg Beer cans and trash litter Morris Island after 4th of July celebrations.

Update July 19: This editorial cartoon at The Post and Courier raises the story from the dead ... by using pop icons from way back in the '90s.

Go take a look.

Made me chuckle.

The paper also penned an editorial on the issue, but it pretty well states the obvious: People that trash pristine nature suck.

First reporting:

Charleston Waterkeeper got an early-morning call last week from a concerned citizen reporting absolute destruction on Morris Island.

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We had heard about the trash pileup on Folly Beach after the 4th of July celebrations, but the trash left at Morris Island by more than a thousand boaters outshone. And with no trash service on the island, the waste would lie there only until the tide came in and would wash out to the ocean.

Thankfully a community rally was organized and more than 1,000 pounds of beer cans, boxes, chairs, and just general trash were collected and removed by boat.

You can check out a video of the damage and the group's cleanup efforts on the Charleston Waterkeeper Web site, or you can check out more images and a write-up on the trash at The Post and Courier.

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