It's not dead yet: I-526 on Johns and James islands (update: doom, gloom, and certain death)

Image by Flickr user bugmonkey "I'm not dead yet" for sure.

Update May 28: Get the update.

Update May 25: The debate goes on for the dead-yet-not I-526 project.

The Charleston City Paper has posted an interesting piece about the debate and will bring you up to speed.

In it, author Greg Hambrick, largely focusses on hyperbolic remarks by Charleston Mayor Joe Riley that not building the road will lead to doom, gloom, and certain death.

Take a read of it over here.

Meanwhile, The Post and Courier has published an interesting collection of letters from readers that are both for and against the road — think of it as a crazy-free collection of online comments.

Read the post here.

First reporting: Everyone was so certain that the long-debated I-526 extension to connect West Ashley and downtown to Johns and James islands was dead.

They were so sure it was dead that the state of South Carolina was clamoring for $11.6 million in engineering costs to be repaid. 

And although some saw that move coming, it scared council enough to rescind its early decision in a 5-4 vote and to reopen negotiations on how a nearly half-billion in funds will be spent.

Head on over to The Post and Courier for a solid report on the latest move.

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