McMaster, 7 other attorney generals threaten legal action against healthcare bill

Image by Attorney General's office

Incensed that the healthcare bill will have South Carolina and other states subsidizing Nebraska's 100% reimbursement rate for Medicaid spending, South Carolina's attorney general has said he's looking into legal action.

And Henry McMaster's not alone, he's joining up with seven other state AGs to fight the $100 million deal.

The State has the rundown on what's up.

Also, FOX News has an article with some broader information on the issue, including quotes from South Carolina's Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham.

This is, obviously, a sticky issue and I'll stay away from the overall merits of the healthcare reform bill, and say that to take action on unfair state subsidies could be bad for South Carolina: we receive a lot more money from other states than we give out.

The question is: Does the Nebraska provision transcend normal earmarking and state subsidy? 

Oh, also should point out that McMaster is running for governor.

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