Firehouse nativity scene removed (update: it's back, with company)

Image by Flickr user stevesheriw

Update December 23, final update:

The Post and Courier has published a lengthy piece digging into the issue; read it here. Also, News 2 has a nice video on the return on the scene.

Update December 22:

The nativity scene is back, but with a few more secular and religious friends. 

Live 5 News has the scoop; read it here.

You can also check out the press release.

First reporting:

After charges that it was illegally promoting Christianity, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has convinced West Ashley's Fire Station 12 to remove its nativity scene.

The group that advocates separation of church and state had sent a letter to Mayor Joe Riley and Fire Chief Thomas Carr on December 17th notifying them of the city's Constitutional breach.

Both Live News 5 and The Post and Courier have the story.

Update December 21:

And the removal is getting no love at Firefighter Hourly.

Update December 22:

And the attention grows. The Post and Courier is teasing a full story to come in the morning.

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