Occupy Charleston looks towards Marion Square (Update: Riley says no way)

Image by TheDigitel In a few short weeks, Marion Square will be "occupied" by the annual Christmas trees and lights — something that's far more attractive to city coffers than protesters' tents.

Update November 22: Occupy Charleston's request to "occupy" Marion Square received a "no way, no how" from city leaders and Mayor Joe Riley — but the group seems ready to stay overnight at the park with or without a blessing from the city.

The Post and Courier has a nice report on the development and if you'd like a slightly different take, check out the Charleston City Paper's report.

Look for more advancement on the issue after Thanksgiving.

First reporting: Following the protest at Michele Bachmann’s speech, the Occupy Charleston group continues to look towards getting more visible, now pinning hopes on "occupying" Marion Square.

An 11 a.m. march through the square is slated for Saturday.

Update November 14: The Charleston City Paper addresses the advancement in a bit more depth.

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