Sanford re-emerges in TV interview, talks about affair (with video)

After last being spotted over in Uruguay going to the beach back in January with soul mate Maria Belen Chapur, former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has reemerged in the public eye— this time intentionally. 

In an interview on Friday with Fox News's Sean Hannity he spoke more about the affair that lead to the demise of his marriage and an end to his rising political clout, and spoke a bit about the 2012 field of Republican candidates. 

Much of what he discussed about his affair has been heard before and the discussion is perhaps most notworthy for how little Sanford's stance has changed in the months since leaving office.

As for the 2012 election: "I would say the attributes that I'm looking for at this point is a combination of Paul Ryan and Chris Christie," Sanford said. "I've been a bit disappointed on the degree to which people are stepping out or not stepping out on real remedies."

And he mentioned that he's been hanging out at his family's farm down in Beaufort.

Fox has published two parts of the video online (watch part one up top and part two below, orwatch them at Fox.)

If you'd rathter read about it, The Post and Courier chats more about the affair aspect of the interview (read that here) and The Hill talks more about Sanford's comments on the 2012 election (read that here.)

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