Who's Ed K & did you know he's running for #SC7?

Ervin Kreutter 'better known as' Ed K is a write-in candidate for the new 7th Congressional District. 

According to The Sun News, Ed K is a Longs, SC resident from New York, is a 63 year-old who is 'Social Scientist with decades of experience studying and modeling', a board game designer and creator of the "most powerful economic model in the world." He wants to indict President Obama, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Chief Justice John Roberts. He also rails against the Federal Reserve and, at the same time, is seeking $1.5 million dollars for his board game. 

We’re fed up with the threats the Federal Government poses the Sovereign people of America.
We’re not voting for anyone, from either party, in the 7th Congressional District, who will not stand up to criminal acts of the Federal Government.

-Ed K's Letter To House Speaker John Boehner

We've done some Googling of the write-in candidate and found virtually nothing other than his website UnityPrinciple.com which is home to open letters to House Speaker John Boehner. When Googling Ed K, you're greeted with links to Ed Kowalczyk, the singer from the 90's Alt Rock band Live. Ed K also has two other website (HickoryStickWoodshed.com and WeimarEventProtest.com) dedicated to his views on the Federal Reserve. He does appear to have a Twitter account, which is set to private and only has three tweets.

Read more about Ed K over at the The Sun News, and hey, if Gloria or Tom don't float your boat, there's always Ed! 

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