Area law firm files suit for fatal Mississippi bus crash

Motley Rice law firm has filled a lawsuit on behalf of five plaintiffs that survived the fatal Mississippi bus crash on August 10.

A press release from the Motley Rice law firm states:
Motley Rice LLC has filed a negligence and products liability action against eight defendants, alleging that the defendants’ negligence, omissions, breach of warranty, failure to maintain, careless operations and failure to warn caused and contributed to the bodily injuries, pain, suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and future damages of five plaintiffs who survived the crash of a Harrah’s Tunica Bus. ...

Read more stories on this subject in our Mississippi bus crash topic page.“Our clients were picked up by one of the largest casino operations in the world for a free flight and weekend of fun, but instead they encountered an entirely avoidable commercial bus crash which we believe is due to the defendants’ transport of passengers in a poorly maintained and manufactured vehicle. Since August 1, 2008, we have seen four commercial bus crashes nationwide, two of which were fatal. Something has to change,” stated Motley Rice attorney Kevin Dean (GA, SC).

The agency self-describes itself as meaning as business:
Motley Rice LLC is one of the nation's largest plaintiffs' litigation firms. Motley Rice attorneys gained global recognition for their pioneering work on behalf of asbestos and mesothelioma victims, the historic litigation against the tobacco industry and the representation of the 9/11 families in their groundbreaking lawsuit against terrorist financiers.

We'll keep you posted as we hear it.

Thanks to Live 5 News for tipping us off.

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