Bickering between Legislature and governor grows

After the state said there wasn't enough money and budgets would have to be cut across the board, blame has been brewing between the governor and the Legislature.

The governor, for his part, has been complaining about the size of the budget for months. And, now The Post and Courier's Brian Hicks sums up the current mood. Here's an exceprt:
[Gov. Sanford] says the chickens have come home to roost. He says [the Legislature] should come back in special session, foregoing their per diem to save money, and fix the budget. Not only would that save money, that would make them work faster. Nothing worse than Columbia on your own dime. ...

[The Legislature] says there is no sense in going back into session until there is a new spending plan for the General Assembly to vote on, one that the governor will approve. If the Legislature passes something that Sanford does not like, he will veto it and lawmakers will have wasted time and money and accomplished nothing.

The impression I get from the column is that Sanford is frustrated and the Legislature is tired of being mothered.

It's a good read, so go read it.

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