Chair hanging from noose makes local headlines, follows similar national stories

Screencap: WPDE

WPDE News Channel 15 has a piece on a Horry County man who is taking cues from nationally, racially charged displays aimed at President Barack Obama.

The empty chair has become a rallying cry for some this election season and the butt of endless jokes for others. But some across the country have taken this symbol of anti-Obama sentiment too far. And those questionable and most would say obviously racist displays of hanging an empty chair by a noose have come to Horry County.

WPDE News reports:

A Bucksville man placed an empty chair in front of his home after Clint Eastwood's speech at the Republican National Convention, where the actor said the chair represented President Barack Obama. Recently a hangman's noose was added to the display in Bucksville, near Conway.

Reports of this type of display are popping up all around the country in mostly 'red states' by supporters of Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Taking the empty chair display in another and some would say even more obviously racist manor is a story from The Nation in which a home owner in Morgan Hill, California who, "has erected a chair in front of his home along with a teleprompter," and on the chair are, "two watermelons, and hanging from it is a noose. Nearby a go-back-to-Kenya sign."

Head over to WPDE News Channel 15's piece, give it a read and watch the broadcast. 

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