Charleston councilman still pushing for skateboard 'corridors'

Image by Flickr user roland

City of Charleston Councilman Mike Seekings is still pushing for a tightening of regulation on Charleston skateboarders, aiming to create "alternate modes of transportation" corridors in the city.

ABC News 4 caught up with Seeekings and has some brief comments on why he believes this is necessary (watch it down below or over here), but as you'd suspect Seekings says he is concerned about order and safety.

Look for a public hearing on the proposed rules in the next month or two — and from what we've heard so far it should be lively.

It would be a shame if the city moves in a direction that aims to tighten and regulate alternate forms of traffic instead of working to make them more compatible, as the city has started to do with "shared" biking lanes

If you didn't know, city rules forbid skateboarding on roads where the speed limit is above 25 MPH and also much of the downtown Charleston areas where the limit is below 25 MPH but in a commercial or school zone (read: College of Charleston and much of the surrounding area).

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