Charleston's new law against homosexual discrimination

Charleston is now the second city in SC to pass an ordinance protecting LGBT people against discrimination in housing and public accommodations.

Last August ordinances were brought to Mayor Joseph P. Riley by a group of GLBT humans rights organizations including the South Carolina chapters of the Stonewall Democrats and the Log Cabin Republicans, the American Civil Liberties Union, and South Carolina Equality, to include homosexuals in a law protecting against discrimination in housing and public accommodation. Now, these groups, and all the citizens of Charleston, can finally live under the protection of these passed ordinances. 

"The passing of these ordinances is consonant with Charleston’s historic reputation as one of America’s friendliest cities and a place that is welcoming to all people," the executive director of the South Carolina office of the ACLU, said Victoria Middleton, told the media. "And they also affirm the constitutional principles shared by all Americans of non-discrimination and equality under the law."


The new ordinances passed with absolutely no opposition. One council member, however, refused to vote, saying that the penalties for violating the new law were not high enough.


For more details you can check out the write-ups at Q-Notes or The Post and Courier.


You can read the ordinance over here, which also applies to age-based discrimination. 

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