Countless editorials focus on Sanford and the stimulus

Image by 20090330-sanford.jpg This screen grab from The New York Times editorial is just one of many editorials.

Rejecting the stimulus: It hasn't gotten South Carolina anything, but it has made our governor's name and his actions common in the daily stack of editorials.

Here's the pudding.

"... a testament to true leadership, setting the example by placing our nation and his state's economic security and future first." -- Orit Sklar, FrontPage Magazine.

"... a lone voice urging us to pay down our debts and avoid unsustainable increases in government programs." -- Chad Walldorf, S.C. Club for Growth.

"It elevates him in the eyes of Republican primary voters and reaffirms him as the unapologetic voice of true fiscal conservatives." -- Chris Cillizza, The Washington Post.

"Sanford has failed to understand the central role of public schools and higher education as driving forces for economic development." -- Jack Bass, co-author of "The Palmetto State: The Making of Modern South Carolina."

"... create absolute chaos in governmental agencies that perform core missions for the people, and will hurt tens of thousands of South Carolina families at a time when uncertainty and fear over the economy already pervade almost every household." -- S.C. Senator Hugh Leatherman (R), Finance Committee chairman.

"... if Mr. Sanford sticks by his disastrous choice, [it] would drive an already depressed state economy deeper into a hole and place even more South Carolinians at risk of losing their homes." -- The New York Times.

Whether or not Sanford is actually using South Carolina's stimulus funds as a way to drive home Conservatism (and his name), that's just what is happening.

As for whether or not our state will get the $700 million slice of the stimulus? We'll just have to wait and see what the state Legislature does.

Update: Sanford is expected to make remarks today about whether or not he will except the money.

Update 2: But it doesn't look like Sanford is going to back down.

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