Folks releases steamy details on alleged affair with Governor Haley (update: Haley camp fumes)

Update February 10: And no one would have probably really cared but thanks to a knee-jerk response on Facebook, the governor's non-comment stance is back in the limelight.

Either Haley or someone on her behalf posted, "WACH FOX 57 is a tabloid news station and has no concept of journalism," to her Facebook page on Monday following the TV station's airing of a segment about Folks' latest post and his dare for Haley to sue him.

And now the TV station is "calling forĀ a retraction and public apology."

But over at theĀ Charleston City Paper, Greg Hambrick has distilled the story and reminds that this isn't about affairs but about why Haley won't play a straight hand and why her campaign won't address texts that seems to indicate collusion to cover up something between Folks and the now-governor Haley.

First reporting: Political columnist and former spokesman for Governor Mark Sanford, Will Folks, has released an excerpt from his upcoming book which paints a detailed picture of the affair he claims took place between himself and Governor Nikki Haley.

Released on his political blog, FITSNews, the excerpt is quite descriptive and has been deemed by Folks himself as "Not Safe For Work."

You can read the full blog post which includes the 281-word excerpt here.

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