Glenn McConnell: Let the people hurt, it will teach Washington

A legacy in the making:

"A good lesson for our leaders and bureaucrats in Washington to know that when more people are added to the rolls that it will be those in dire need of governmental assistance who will be severely hurt when program money runs out early."

That's President Pro Tem of the S.C. Senate Glenn F. McConnell, R-Charleston, in an op-ed piece for The Post and Courier explains why he wants the S.C. Department of Health and Human Services to run broke on Medicaid - leaving about 656,000 South Carolinians, or 80 percent of adults and children on Medicaid without coverage.

To be clear, the program could be changed to reign in its budget without leading to climatic and abrupt termination of services but that won't happen if the way McConnell is playing his chips works.

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