Haley leaves more questions, misdirections than answers in massive SSN, credit card theft

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Update November 2: While there's no surprise in a lawsuit being filed, its impact is likely to be shockingly small.

It's been nearly three weeks since state leaders became suspicious that personal data from S.C. citizens was copied from the state Department of Revenue.

When that data was taken from a state database moments passed in milliseconds, and now many days later state leaders have yet to offer details on just how the breach occurred and what the state has since done that would make the attack no longer repeatable. 

Compounding matters is a naive public line presented by Gov. Nikki Haley that there is little that can be done to secure computer systems.

The Post and Courier quotes Haley as saying these two lines at a Monday press conference:

- “(The breach) wasn't an issue where anyone in state government could have done something to avoid it."

- “I think what we're looking at is the fact that none of us is completely protected from hackers. It's just the new world in which we live in. But our job is to respond, respond immediately and do everything we can to take care of the people of the state.”

While it's admirable that Haley is putting emphasis on helping people in the aftermath, they would be much better served if Haley would put as much focus on the state's policies and procedures as ire on the hacker. 

Such an attitude would do more to ensure that an attack doesn't happen in the first place. 

The Post and Courier has also penned a piece calling attention to the conflicting lines Haley is presenting. For example, while Haley says in the quote above that no one can ever be totally secure, she also said, "All of the information is secure and is safe, and so there are no more holes or anything that could be penetrated."

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