Horry County same-sex couple applies for marriage license, denied

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It was pretty obvious 'No' would be the answer when same-sex couple Lora Talbot and Benji Herndon went to an Horry County Courthouse to apply for a marriage licence.

This past Tuesday, the 14th of February, to celebrate their love on Valentine's Day this same-sex couple, who have been together for three years, gathered with friends and family went to the courthouse in Conway to make a stand.  They ask for a marriage license, knowing the request would be denied.  The Sun News reports that the denial was harder to take than expected. 

Presently in South Carolina same-sex marriages, civil unions, and domestic partnerships are not recognized.

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In 2006, South Carolina voters adopted South Carolina Amendment 1 by 78%, that amended the constitution to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions in the U.S. state. However, the amendment explicitly disavows any effort to prevent private contracts between same-sex partners from being recognized.

Talbot and Herndon are the first Horry Counrty same-sex couple to seek out a marriage licence, but are not the first in the state to do so.  Last month as many as six homosexual couples sought marriage licences in South Carolina as part of the "WE DO Campaign" which is the brain child of the Campaign for Southern Equality. The organization hopes to, according to Executive Director Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, "Call on full equality under Federal Law for all LGTB people"

Head on over to The Sun News for their full write-up on Lora Talbot and Benji Herndon's story. 

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