Judge shields Craigslist from S.C. attorney general (updated)

Update May 28: The Associated Press is reporting that Craigslist has dropped its intent to block South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, after McMaster agreed not to charge Cragislist executives until the outcome of a July hearing.

Go get the whole story.

First reporting:

"Until the court rules on the merits of craigslist's claims, defendants and their attorneys and staffs shall refrain from initiating or pursuing any prosecution against craigslist or its officers and employees in relation to content posted by third parties on craigslist's website."

That's the ruling by U.S. District Court Judge C. Weston Houck, as reported by the Daily Online Examiner.

It's good to see that the message so clearly stated in the federal Communications Decency Act was finally heard.

Hop on over to the Examiner for more on this latest development, or head into our Craigslist archives.

Update May 22: The Charleston Regional Business Journal has added a nice write-up with the latest.

Also, for those still actively interested in the issue, Craigslist has added some interesting food for thought to their blog.

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