Nikki Haley to release 8,000 e-mails today (update: criticism follows)

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Update August 21: The State has a nice report noting, most interestingly in regards to the lack of substance in the provided e-mails that, "there were virtually no exchanges between Haley and other lawmakers or the governor" on the provided e-mails.

Read their report here.

And Brad Warthen has penned a rather impassioned criticism of Haley's transparency effort; read that here.

Update August 20 evening: Haley has released the e-mails but is already receiving criticism on four points:

  • The print copies of e-mails cannot be take out of Haley's office and no copies can be made.
  • The e-mails only cover April to July 2010.
  • The e-mails only come from the server and not the local computer where more data is often stored. 
  • Much of the accusation of evidence about an alleged affair was said to be on a Yahoo account. 

The Associated Press already has a report out, as does FITS News, the blogger in the center of the affair story.

First reporting: Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley is stepping up to Democratic candidate Vincent Sheheen's challenge today and will be releasing about 8,000 e-mails she sent and received as a state lawmaker.

The release steps up the ongoing debate about open government, an issue Haley has made a central part of her campaign pitch promising more accountability and transparency.

Sheheen released thousands of pages of e-mails from his legislative account on August 4th in response to a freedom of information request from The State Newspaper. Haley, who has already been accused of having two affairs during her campaign, has taken her sweet time releasing her personal correspondences.

Pop over to The Post and Courier for the post, and be sure to check back later today for more on Haley's e-mails.

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