P&C publishes then pulls report on I-526 political marketing (Update: Back, partly)

Update February 8: A longer version of the article has reappeared, offering much the same point about the possibly mis-identified "election expense", and the report backs off a connection between the money and S.C. Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell.

The earlier report stated a more direct connection between the funding political action group, The Palmetto Leadership Council.

The report published today only calls the connection an affiliation: "The Palmetto Leadership Council is a political action committee affiliated with House Speaker Bobby Harrell".

In the past the paper has made the connection far more direct, in April of 2012 the paper called it "Bobby Harrell’s Palmetto Leadership Council".

You can read the report over here and try to sort out the story about the story from the story itself.

First reporting: Shortly after The Post and Courier published an article to its website that was critical of S.C. Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell's alleged funding of marketing in favor of completing the controversial I-526 project, the story has vanished.

It's not the first time the paper has seemingly backed off a Harrell story.

FITS News has documented the publishing and revoking of the article, in part:

According to the story (which was removed from the paper’s website mere hours after it was originally posted) Harrell’s political action committee paid a Charleston-based public relations firm at least $23,000 to promote one of his favored transportation boondoggles.

Of course readers who try to click on the story receive a “page not found” error message.

Although The Post and Courier's article has disappeared of Google's page cache, it currently still exist on Bing's cache and Yahoo's cache.

The posting to the website was only four paragraphs in length and teases more reporting in "upcoming editions" of the paper, however the article does manage to deliver the speculation that a $23,000 expense paid to marketing firm Rawle Murdy was not actually for the "election expense" it was categorized as. 

Read that article teaser in Bing's page cache or Yahoo's page cache.

The paper has yet to comment on the matter and if it intends to publish the report at a later date.

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