The Post and Courier picks Bailey, Miller, Scarborough, Smith, Stavrinakis

The Post and Courier has recommended Smith, Stavrinakis, Scarborough, Miller, and Bailey in the race for S.C. House of Representatives. Hop over to their site for why.

The Charleston City Paper, though not making picks in all of those races, did:

Differ with their pick of Anne Peterson Hutto (D) over Wallace Scarborough (R-incumbent),
Differ with their pick of David Mack (D-incumbent) over Steven Smith (R),
Agree with the pick of Leon Stavrinakis (D-incumbent) over Chris Cannon (R).

Go read all of their picks.

And, if you're not sure which candidate will show up on your ballet, check your voter registration card for your district or check the Election Commission's Web site.

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