Pricey legal help expected to add $1 million to cost of S.C. voter ID law

Image by Flickr user noahwesley

Remember how South Carolina's voter identification law was blocked by federal review over concerns of minority disenfranchisement? And remember how state leaders vowed to take the issue to court?

Well, it's under way and The Post and Courier writes that S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson has hired high priced Washington legal assistance, and estimates are that round one of the legal fight could cost $1 million or more. 

The paper's report also offers a good summary of the state of the law and the vibe behind it; take a read here.

If you haven't been following, also know that there's been concern of nearly 1,000 "invalid" votes cast (however those may be clerical errors) and that the cost to implement the ID systems of some $720,000, with a recurring cost of about $260,000.

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