Race for the 7th: GOP candidates debate, fund raising winners


Nine republicans who are vying for their name on the ballot for the new South Carolina 7th District this fall debated in Conway last night, Monday, April 16th.

The nine candidates were asked nine questions that republican voters care most about: reducing federal spending, jobs, Government regulations and the like. Most of the nine candidates all said basically the same things, and towed the ultra-conservative line; however, one candidate, Dick Withington broke with the gang of nine on a few talking points and was booed because of it. Withington shouldn't be worried about this race, as his name is in the running for several seats.  

Head on over to The Sun News for their full write-up on the debate.  

Additionally over at The Sun News, they have a break down of the amount of money the candidates have raised. Collectively, the Republican candidates have raised the most money, with Andre Bauer in the lead with $574,843. However, Democratic candidate Preston Brittain has raised the second most amount of money with $339,066. 

You can find the full breakdown of how much has been raised and spent here. 

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