Sanford to speak at GOP convention; now he's not; now he is; or maybe he's not

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Now that all that talk about Sanford being McCain's running mate is dead, it looks like our governor won't be entirely shunned, as he'll be speaking for the Republican Governor's Association.

Sanford will speak on the opening day, tomorrow, September 1. Though, you won't see him on the schedule, as he's filling in for Texas Governor Rick Perry who's staying home because of Hurrican Gustav.

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is also scheduled to speak on Thursday, the day McCain is expected to accept the party's nomination.

Update August 31: But now it looks like he might not speak, as almost all the activity on Monday is being postponed or canceled due to Hurricane Gustav. No one wants to be seen partying as a major calamity could unfold.

Gustav is expected to make landfall around noon tomorrow (September 1).

Update September 1: Looks like the bump is official. But I'm sure much of what happens the next few days with the GOP convention depends on what happens with Gustav over the next few days. But there are signs the storm may not be as bad as expected.

Update September 2: Poor Sanford, it looks like he's scheduled to speak on Thursday now, but Hanna may keep him anchored to South Carolina.

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