S.C. lawmakers working to ban alcoholic energy drinks

Image by Flickr user House Of Sims

The state of South Carolina is moving toward banning controversial alcoholic energy drinks like Four Loko and Sparks, drinks which have adopted the ever endearing moniker, "blackout in a can."

According to an article published today in The State, a South Carolina House subcommittee has voted unanimously to outlaw the jumbo-size alcoholic energy drinks.

This isn't a new phenomenon, many other states have already outlawed the drinks. The result? Countless "Goodbye Four Loko" parties and stockpiling of the drinks by adoring college students.

So if the bill passes here in South Carolina, what will the consequences be of getting caught with a Four Loko? Anyone who produced, imported or sold the drinks could be fined from $100 to $500 and imprisoned from 30 days to six months. Retailers also could lose their license to sell alcohol for two years.

For more on the proposed ban, hop over to the article in The State.

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