SC reps don't want to be recalled

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The South Carolina General Assembly rejected proposed legislation that would give you the voter the power to recall those we've elected. 

Politicians these days love to say they want to be held accountable and this proposed initiative would have helped the South Carolina voters do just that. Unsurprisingly, the Republican controlled General Assembly rejected this effort that would give power back to the voters. 

Democrats introduced the recall measure as an amendment to the General Assembly’s sine die resolution, a procedural bill that governs which issues lawmakers are permitted to take up during their special legislative session. The amendment – and the recall legislation – is sponsored by S.C. Rep. Boyd Brown (D-Winnsboro).

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In light of the Lt. Gov, Ken Ard scandal one would think this type of legislation would soar through if not to just pay lip service to the voter. Honestly, I am surprised that South Carolina doesn't have voter recall power already in the books.

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