An SC story makes list of 'Most Under-Reported Stories of the Summer'

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The Nation, which is the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the United States has an interesting story titled, "The Five Most Under-Reported Stories of the Summer" and guess what story is number one on the list? The statewide ballot boot of primary candidates

South Carolina is no stranger to embarrassing national headlines, but this political story barely made it our of the state's own news cycle. Peter Rothberg of The Nation, however picked up on that story and several more interesting stories from the summer that slipped through the cracks.

via The Nation:

Late last spring, the South Carolina state Supreme Court announced a ruling in a case it heard just days earlier. The decision was shocking: roughly 200 candidates throughout South Carolina would have their names removed from the June 12 primary ballots. Nearly 200 people who had filed to run for office were prevented from doing so—severely limiting voters’ choices at the polls in a year when all 170 South Carolina House and Senate seats were up for grabs. In many cases this meant that incumbent lawmakers had no opposition. Since then the situation has gotten even worse. Several incumbents throughout the state who lost their primary elections last June have been put back on the ballots by judicial order...

Make sure to read the full list of rather important news items over at The Nation. Additionally, FITS news has picked up on the piece and has their own take on it, which you can read here.

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