S.C.'s energy efficiency initiative may go national (updated)

Image by Flickr user EssG

The Post and Courier reports that a plan to allow South Carolina homeowners and renters to make energy efficiency improvements with loans paid back with savings on their electric bills could go national.

The program, a brainchild of the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, "...would allow homeowners and renters to borrow money to buy new heating-and-air units, roofs, insulation or other items such as weather-stripping to make their houses more energy-efficient. The loans ($1,500 to $7,000) would automatically be paid back on monthly electric bills. The energy efficiency would generate savings, some of which would go to pay back the loans and the rest to the resident."

The main goals of the plan are to save money, create jobs and cut energy use.

The Post and Courier has the updated story on the proposed plan that is making the rounds in Washington D.C.

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