Summerville councilman drafts illegal immigration ban (update: ordinance tabled)

Update September 9:

The controversial ordinance which attracted national attention as one of the strictest in the county was tabled last night during a Summerville Town Council meeting.

The Post and Courier has the update.

Update July 30:

While the effort may have been stalled, councilman Walter Bailey surely isn't backing down.

Associated Press Writer Bruce Smith has a nice profile on the effort and surrounding information; read it here.

Update July 14: NBC News 2 reports that the proposal has been tabled for a legal review.

First reporting: Town Councilman Walter Bailey is proposing an ordinance that would bar anyone in Summerville from housing or hiring illegal immigrants.

Up for an initial vote at tomorrow's Town Council meeting, the proposal states that illegal immigrants commit crimes, take jobs and drain town resources.

The ordinance seeks to identify illegal aliens who wish to rent or lease a house or apartment by requiring proof of citizenship on applications. It also targets employers who might hire illegal aliens to work at their business.

The Post and Courier has a post on the proposed ordinance along with a link to the officially drafted version.

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