In shambles, Charleston Harbor's historic Castle Pinckney sold for $10

The fort as it once stood.

When you're along the Charleston Waterfront Park or at the Battery, you know that island to the left of Fort Sumter? Yeah, the one that looks like a big foresty mound? 

Well, that's actually a circa 1808 fort: Castle Pinckney.

The 'castle' has languished in disrepair for decades and most recently was in the spotlight when the copious amounts of vegetation were burned back — but now there may be a more permanent fix for its needs. 

The State Ports Authority is the current owner of the site and has agreed to sell it to the Sons of Confederate Veterans for just $10.

NBC News 2 has a nice video on the story along with lots of video from the fort (watch it here), and The Post and Courier has a solid write-up (read that here).


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