Charleston's real estate market is on the mend

Image by Flickr user cloneofsnake

The Post and Courier published a piece today on the slow, but steady recovery of Charleston's housing market.

Read more stories on this subject in our real estate topic page.Home prices across the Charleston region fell last year by 9 percent to a median of $181,286 - off nearly 14 percent from the region's peak annual price in 2007 before the grips of the recession took hold. Realtors, buyers, and banks were in one of the roughest times in recent memory and the housing market ground to a halt.

That was then.

Now, most experts agree that the Charleston market recovery is beginning to take hold. Stable home prices and renewed buyer confidence are a strong foreshadowing for the recovery. More high-end buyers have begun to re-emerge the desire to live in the Charleston area is still as strong as ever. However, despite Charleston's imminent recovery, it is still far behind other major cities with larger employment bases like Charlotte.

For more statistics, analysis and the thoughts on what's to come, hop on over to the article in The Post and Courier.

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