More on the City Market's recent renovations

Image by Flickr user cliff1066™

After a lightning fast four and half months, the scaffolding is coming down around the City Market - so what's changed?

The whole reason behind the renovations was to make the City Market, an area crowded by tourists and avoided by all costs by locals, more maneuverable and tolerable for the latter. Hank Holliday, the main man behind the project, undertook the challenge of fixing up the old sheds in an attempt to draw residents back to the market that began here in 1807.

Improvements and changes to the market include the omission of the center vendor aisle to create new cross aisles for easier entrance and exits, clear screens to protect vendors from the elements, goose-neck lamps, hidden up-lighting shows off the brightly painted ceiling trusses, three times as many ceiling fans and large new public restrooms inside the easternmost shed.

The Post and Courier has a nice photo gallery of the completed renovations as well as a a full write-up.

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