SPA doubles spending on cruise terminal plans

Image by Flickr user Frank Kehren

The State Ports Authority has opened their ears and wallet to suggestions from the public and have decided to double the amount of redevelopment spending to include a proper study of the entire 55-acre Union Pier Terminal.

The decision to shell out an additional $563,000 was announced at yesterday's board meeting -- raising the total cost of planning to $1.3 million.

Local Charlestonians had been pushing, and rightfully so, for an intensive traffic study and a tourism management plan involving city, port and tourism officials. Residents were also looking out for the tourists by requesting that cruise ship visitors see more of Charleston than simply the City Market.

According to the article, cruise ships will begin rolling into town as soon as next month, but the study won't be concluded until April.

Read all about it in The Post and Courier.

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