Sullivan's Is.: Drink up, you're paying for it

Sullivan's Island Town Council has decided to charge everyone, including owners of vacant lots, for water and sewer whether you're hooked up to the system or not. That's part of their utility budget for the new fiscal year. The town says that everyone benefits from the improvements made through water/sewer revenue, so everyone should have to cough up for that work. If you're not hooked up, you'll pay about $35, what is considered the minimum facility charge.

From The Post and Courier:

Larger towns sometimes use a water and sewer impact fee once a lot is developed to help support capital projects, but Sullivan's Island doesn't have much undeveloped areas left and can't expect a new subdivision to pop up, (Town Administrator Andy Benke) said.

As soon as a property owner of a vacant lot requested water and sewer service the town would be obligated to supply it.

The basic service charge would help maintain the system that property owners might one day tap into, town officials said.

Besides that, something that affects more people, in the end: The budget also raises water and sewer rates by about 24 percent for the average user.

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