S.C. Warriors take second place in ABA finals (Update: Coach and some players will not return)

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Update April 16, 2012: The championship game isn't the only loss for the fledgling franchise this week.

According to The Sun News, Coach Chris Beard intends to get back into college ball and many players won't be returning for a second season. Despite that, Beard still thinks the team has potential to become a part of a bigger program like the NBA Development League. The Sun News has more details in their coverage here.

First Report: After a amazing, undefeated inaugural year the South Carolina Warriors was finally bested in the three game series that is the American Basketball Association finals. 

It was a very close game for the South Carolina Warriors in the first half against the formidable Jacksonsville Giants. Both teams remained neck and neck with the scores rarely remaining up 2 points for either team for more than a few seconds. The half ended with the Warriors pulling ahead in the last few minutes with 49-43. Marquise Gainous had 17 points at the half.

The second half was fought between these two teams just as hard. Marquise Gainous had 28 points and Tony White Jr had 23 points. The defense was very strong in both teams but ultimately the Giants prevailed. Jacksonville poured on the steam in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter and pulled ahead of the Warriors first by 3, then 6 then 9 to win. The Jacksonville Giants take the ABA 2012 Championship 100-91.

The South Carolina Warriors fought extremely hard this year winning 29 out of 31 games. As a first year franchise the fact that this team came so strong, undefeated in fact, into the playoffs is evidence of their talent and determination. We knew playing the Jacksonville Giants would be tough as they had been one of our toughest competitors in the regular season. The Giants earned their victory and we congratulate them.

Jason Warren, Co-owner of the South Carolina Warriors said, "I'm very proud of our team and our first season. We won 29 straight games and got to the ABA Finals in our first season. I want to thank our coaching staff and our players for their hard work and dedication this season. We look forward to next season. Congratulations to the Jacksonville Giants."

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