Undefeated Warriors head to Finals; ABA will have additional SC team next season

Photo by TheDigitel Myrtle Beach

With a 7 point victory, the South Carolina Warriors had one of their closer scoring games on Tuesday night in the semi-final round of the ABA Championship. 

As the Warriors have taken down every team they've ever played against, locals have been getting accustomed to much larger points margins. But 7 points is more than enough to secure a spot in the finals. The 3 game series begins on Friday, April 13th. More details are here. The Warriors will either face the Jacksonville Giants or the San Diego Sol.

As a side note, Columbia will have their very own ABA team next year. The name of the team has not yet been announced. It will be fun to have a little rivalry action, but only if the Columbia team presents a challenge! You can see a brief news release about the new team here.

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