Green taxis come to Charleston

If you're in need of a lift and want an eco-friendly one, know that a new taxi service is in town, one that uses hybrid cars.

gogreen charleston tipped us off to it, and Charleston Green Taxi elaborated in the blog's comment section:
We currently operate two Toyota Priuses and one Toyota Camry hybrid. ...

Charleston Green Taxi LLC takes pride in providing 5 star services in environmentally friendly vehicles. We will always provide accurate pick up times and we also accept reservations from 6am-12pm. Already we have steady relationships with Charleston Place Hotel, Wentworth Mansion, Cypress, Comfort Inn, and a plethora of other regular callers. We are always looking for more local support!

They're just getting started (they're only about 20 days old) and are still getting up to full staff. We look forward to seeing them around town. Reach them at 843-819-0846. Also, Charleston Green Taxi shouldn't be confused with Green Taxi, a more-conventional taxi company in town.

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