Lighthouse gets new owner

Image by Wikimedia user Jonathan LambImage by lighthouse.jpg Charleston Light was one of the last lighthouses built by the U.S. government.

Update November 10: The change is official. Go learn a bit more about the more interesting aspects of the lighthouse.

Original post: Charleston Light, the lighthouse on Sullivan's Island, now has a new owner after a deal to transfer it from the Coast Guard to the National Park Service. It was built in 1962, one of the last lighthouses built by the U.S. government. The Post and Courier reports:

In 1986, the Park Service acquired much of the former Lifeguard Station, a century-old, 1.5-acre district next door to the lighthouse. It uses those old buildings for temporary housing, garages and offices, but park officials also have wanted to acquire the lighthouse to ensure its preservation.

Not only was Charleston Light built with one-of-a-kind features such as a triangular shape and a passenger elevator, its opening in 1962 also marked the end of an era.

"This is the last major lighthouse built by the U.S. government," Dodson said. "There's a real historical significance here. Maybe we can't see it today because it's so new. There are people on this island who remember it being built."

You can check out video of the lighthouse from Also, has a page on Charleston Light.

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