Charleston area under hurricane watch

Image by National Weather ServiceImage by 20080904hurricane.jpg Will Hanna or won't Hanna? Find out tomorrow.

Update: Head over here for the latest.

Hanna has finally started it's long-expected move towards the U.S. coast, but is starting later and further east than expected, this means two things: The storm likely won't hit until midnight-or-so on Firday, and the storm will likely make land fall further east (read: more likely to hit Myrtle Beach than Charleston).

Either way, it's a big system and whether it hits Wilmington or Myrtle Beach, we'll be getting rains, wind, and waves.

Jared's Blog has a pretty solid round up of what's going on, he says in part:
The 5am track speeds up the timeline a bit and shifts landfall slightly left. As of now we’re looking at a landfall a bit closer to the NC/SC border (almost right on top of Wilmington) around 2am Saturday. Tropical storm force winds should begin to arrive in Charleston around noon tomorrow, or so. Today is another clear day, so today is the day to finish your preparations.

So, we're out of the crosshairs, but still in the scope (indeed, the Charleston area is being given 50-50 odds of it will receive at least sustained 39 mph winds. So, it couldn't hurt to get prepared (you'll need to buy gas sometime soon, Hanna or no Hanna). Also, keep an eye on our hurricane page.

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