CARTA enlists Google Transit's aid in helping riders connect

A video introduction to Google Transit. And, yes, it works on your Web-enabled phone too.

Last year word came that CARTA was sinking some serious dough for electronic marquees that would announce when busses were due to arrive.

That carried a tag of $625,000 and I wondered why the public transport group hadn't turned to Google Transit to get more riders on board. Well, it seems like CARTA has finally perked up and on Wednesday it gave a demo of the tech.

For those of you that don't know about Google Transit, it works just like Google directions, only it tells you when and where the bus will come. If you've ever been to a city where the mapping works, it's a godsend, especially when you're a tourist.

The new system is due to be working in about two weeks and the cost is just part of a $30,000 website redesign — I'll point you to The Post and Courier's report for the details.

This will make Charleston the second city in South Carolina to support Google Transit, the other city is Clemson.

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