12-year-old killed while playing with top loaders (updated)

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First reporting: An accident early this morning involving two children and two top loaders left one child dead.

Just after midnight Monday morning, North Charleston police responded to ConGlobal Industries at 2534 Spruill Ave. They found that two children had entered the shipping container facility through a locked fence and began played with some of the construction equipment, including two top loaders.

The two were driving the top loaders when one fell, landed under the other top loader, and was killed.

The incident is still being investigated; we'll keep you up to date with any new info we receive.

For more details, head over to The Post and Courier's report here and Live5News.com's video report here.

Update July 12: The Post and Courier has a detailed account of the tragic event in which 12-year-old Corion Baptiste of North Charleston who was crushed by a piece of heavy equipment while playing with friends.

Today's update has a photo of the boy, a map of where the incident took place, the 911 call for help and reactions from the boy's mother; read it here.

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