13 years later, Hunley discovery finally cools down

Image by Naval Historical CenterImage by 20080909hunley.jpg The Hunley may finally get some more peace and quiet now that the legal battle over its discovery has ended.

In 1995 the CSA Hunley was uncovered, and in 2001 the discovery would begin a seven year legal battle as to who first found it. Today, that battle ended when the widely credited discover of the hunley decided to no longer press the matter.

The Post and Courier reports on that battle:
Clive Cussler says he doesn't need another court victory to prove he found the Hunley submarine, so on Friday he dropped his seven-year legal battle with a South Carolina man over the claim.

Lawyers for the author and shipwreck hunter filed a motion to dismiss Cussler's lawsuit against rival Edward Lee Spence, a man who claims he found the Confederate submarine several years earlier.

Go read about the dismissal here, and read about the legal battle here.

Learn more about the ship at Friends of the Hunley.

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