$3 million shaved off Charleston County School District's budget (update: pay losses approved)

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Update May 27: The Charleston County School District's proposed budget for the upcoming year has been amended, and according to The Post and Courier, with the exception of teachers, every district employee will be furloughed next year, and no employee will receive a cost-of-living increase or salary hike for additional years of experience.

With a vote of 7-2, the school board approved the first reading of the proposed $332.1 million operating budget.

For more on how the 2011-12 budget is shaping up, hop over to the article in The Post and Courier.

First reporting: In an effort of offset the Charleston County School District's $28 million deficit in the next school year, the board of trustees voted yesterday to end payments of nearly $3 million.

The board voted to cut the pay of 41 top officials by 6 percent which is expected to save around $170,00. Not a whole lot, but the board also voted to cut nearly 45 administrative services staff positions for another $2 million in savings. Combine that with the vote to pull $800,000 in funding from driver education programs and the total jumps quite a bit.

The Post and Courier has more on the approved budget cuts; read it here.

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