After a year and a half, USS Laffey is returning to Patriots Point (update x2, with photos)

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Update January 23: The Post and Courier has an update with a photo gallery of the $1.1 million, 60-foot gap that has been created to finally bring the Laffey home after a year and a half of being docked at Shipyard Creek in North Charleston.

To complete to move, Patriots Point will be closed from January 22nd to the 28th.

Additionally, upon her arrival, there will be events planned to commemorate and celebrate the return of "The Ship That Would Not Die." An update from the official Patriots Point website states:

When she returns, there will be many ageing destroyermen from the Laffey Association, Tin Can Sailors and other former sailors who will converge at Patriots Point to welcome her home. One of them from the Laffey Association will be Lee Hunt from James Island, who is one of only about 20 World War II Laffey crew members still alive today. They have been calling the museum daily and making plans to get to South Carolina as they remember their past service. Their service speaks to all Americans of sacrifice, and duty. It is a service that honors our nation as we fight against terrible odds on terrible days, and it is a service that gives us hope for the future of our nation and future generations. 

Update November 22: Docked at Shipyard Creek in North Charleston since repairs began in 2009, the USS Laffey will finally be returning to her home at Patriots Point in January 2012.

However, during the move, a 60-foot section of the pier at Patriots Point will need to be removed which will shut down the tourist attraction for the week of January 9th. In addition, the Laffey will be taking the place beside the aircraft carrier Yorktown where the Clamagore now sits. The plan for re-docking the old war ship will cost around $1 million.

For more on the move, the re-docking plans and a map of the site, hop over to the article in The Post and Courier.

Update April 28: Patriots Point Development Authority board members voted unanimously on Wednesday, April 27th, to begin requesting bids regarding the costs and logistics associated with moving the USS Laffey back to Charleston Harbor.

Some of the options discussed and how much they would cost include:

  • Moving the Laffey back to its home prior to the 2009 repairs - approximately $900,000
  • Moving the ship to the Clamagore's spot - approximately $800,000
  • Turning the Laffey into an artificial reef - approximately $3.5 million
  • Returning the ship to the U.S. Navy - nearly $1.4 million
  • Transferring the ship to another museum - about $250,000

For more information about the situation, visit the Charleston Regional Business Journal's article here or The Post and Courier's write-up here.

First reporting: The World War II destroyer USS Laffey is back on the water after six months of dry-dock repairs to replace her rotting hull and refresh protective coatings throughout the ship.

Read more stories on this subject in our USS Laffey topic page.You can find the Laffey at Pier November near the Veterans Terminal until she returns to her old home at the Patriot's Point Naval and Maritime Museum.

The Post and Courier has the story, and Patriot's Point has taken a nice photo of the move.

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