Area middle school students awarded big money to clean up local waters

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Black Water Middle School students, MaKayla Arteaga, Christian Hanna and Bethany Slayton were won $25,000 from The Christopher Columbus Awards.

The three middle school girls, formed a website and group called the SC River Rangers. The group is dedicated to keeping our local waters safe and clean from abandoned boats. Abandoned boats are an issue in the area, especially with this economy. The girls went to Disney World to compete for the top prize and won. Their plan to to keep map of all known sunken boats and boats that are run ashore, install website-controlled lights in the areas that have abandoned boats and place warning signs around the hazardous areas.

Hop on over to The Sun News to read more about these three girls and their hopes of a cleaner waterway. Also, head on over to to read more about the award and the three Black Water Middel School girls.

Visit the SC River Rangers website to see how you can help

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