AVX stands trial for defunct area real estate plans (Update: delay)

photo by flickr user mightyohm

Update 9/12/12:  No one predicted this culprit.  Myrtle Beach's transient population is to blame for a six month delay in proceedings.  

The Sun News reports that of the 60 jurors summoned, only about one-third reported for duty, leaving all involved an inadequate number to choose from to fill the 12 seats and two alternates.  They'll try again in March 2013.

First report: There will be a lot of finger pointing at the trial involving real estate developers David and Steve Nance and AVX.

The partners Nance say groundwater pollution allegedly caused by AVX was to blame for the financing fallout of their planned condominium complex.  AVX is expected to look to the US Air Force for their alleged part in contaminating the area while the base was in operation.  Also expected to take some heat are the bad economy and failing real estate market at the time, contributing to the devaluation of the land.  If all else fails, El Nino is usually willing to bear the brunt of responsibility for any number of environmental happenings, and last, we can always blame it on the rain.  The Sun News has many more details, which you can check out here

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