Capri Sun Drive looking for donations at Food Lions

Photo by flickr user paul goyette

Conway Medical Center is kicking off their Capri Sun Drive, in an effort to support the Smart Snacks program that provides weekend snacks and drinks to children in Horry County who qualify for the federal subsidized lunch program.

According to the CMC website,

The total funding for this year’s Smart Snacks program is projected to be at least $51,200, an average of $1,600 per week. Of this total cost almost $10,000 is spent on Capri Sun ALONE!

They're asking the community to contribute to purchasing and donating Capri Sun at local Food Lions, and in the lobby of the Conway Medical Center now through November 11, 2012.

The participating Food Lion stores are on:

  • Hwy 701 S.
  • Hwy 701 N.
  • Belle Terre Blvd.
  • Hwy 544
  • Hwy 501 East

You can read more about the donation drive in this WPDE story.

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